C#/Rust programmer with keen eye on cutting-edge technologies and their application in gamedev. Meetup speaker, serious code-meddler and Technology Adventists. Open source contributor. Enjoys good books, modern archery and sometimes practicing lucid dreaming (someone might ask why during business meetings...)

Piotr Kosek

Field of interests

Gameplay Programming

Using Unity from high-view perspective

Procedural generation

Including both old-school algorithms (cellular automata, wave collapse, BSP partitioning) and cutting-edge generative A.I.

Tool development

Using both C# and Rust

Notable Projects

Stealth retro-shooter in wild west / undead style. Successful release on Steam (Very Positive reception)


Experimental animated/crowd simulation in Unity. Reached 100,000 animated characters at once running in live-realtime


2-weeks international gamejam game about governing a space colony with the relation to ecological waste. Scored 2nd place

Gather a band of vikings, ride, pillage and make your way to the Valhalla. Game made for game jam in 48h


Retro-inspired shelf running Asus Tinker Board (similar to Rasberry PI) with adventure game, created for Fujitsu to use at job affairs

Winner of BielJam, turn-based card strategy game. As governor you have to explore surroundings, build buildings and withstand monster onslaught and their corruption


Multiplayer team-brawler game written during May's Game Compo in 2 weeks . Awarded 1st place. Real-time multiplayer with two teams fighting on fully destructible starships

Linda Hyde: Vampire Mansion

Adventure game developed in C++ for variety of platforms, including PC, iPad and Nintendo DS (had to fit 4 mb of RAM). First commercial project (2010)


"Piotr is the most intelligent programmer I have ever worked with. If you need a tough algorithmic or mathematical problem solved, he is your man. His boundless creativity and drive for work is unparalleled and would be a perfect fit at any fast-paced environment"

Ghassan Al-Masharequa, Senior game/engine programmer

"Piotr is excellent developer, has high technical knowledge, can complete each the hardest task. Collaboration with Piotr it is pure pleasure."

Rafał Suwald, Fujitsu senior programmer

"Piotr is outstanding developer both in C# and C++ but you could throw any language at him and he would write excellent code with best practices"

Łukasz Jagucki, Fujitsu Tech Lead (.NET)

"Piotr is an outstanding proffessional. He throws all his efforts into every project and responsibility, ensuring the best possible results for himself and the organisation. Moreover Piotr is extremely talented Software developer and realy good colleague. Highly recommended!"

Michał Ludwiczak, Fujitsu QA specialist